Thursday, February 7, 2013


I Love the print of a kiss.   A pucker is adorable in print! One of my friends made little treats for a small party she gave.  It was a simple little treat and much fun to first, receive and second, eat!  I always seem to want one little taste of chocolate  This was exactly what I needed and I thought it would be perfect tiny Valentine.  After all, what is more perfect than a KISS on  Valentine's Day!?!
These tags are adorable flat with a single kiss on  them however, I do like the look of them standing up.  I stuck little toothpicks right into the top the Hershey Kisses.  The weight of the chocolate is just heavy enough to keep the little tag standing up.  I love the irony of a Kiss holding up a kiss.  This will be a small but, important item on my Valentine table setting.  I'll be using LOTS of these lips as accents on my other Valentine decorations.  

This mini banner is stretched across my layered plate holder.  The lips are a lovely addition.  I will have to make peanut butter kiss cookies to fill these plates!

The little L-O-V-E letters are super cute as a tiny banner but, can also be printed to make a larger one.
  I backed the letters with colored paper.  I glued and glittered the outer cuz I like when things sparkle!
My daughter's favorite treat is a KIT KAt bar.   She wants to had them out to her friends at school.  She had a pretty good laugh when I put a mustache on this crazy little "Kat". Weird Valentine...maybe?! But it makes her happy and I am in the business of making her happy.  
She put the Kit Kat bars into bags, I cut out the tags and ribbon, and she did the stapling.  It was so hard for me to let her staple!!!  I had to use every ounce of restraint not to grab the stapler out of her little hands!  She insisted SHE NEEDED to do it.   My lovely daughter considers herself a pretty crafty little thing, I don't know where she gets that!?!   A few of them are a bit over stapled but, all in all she did a great job.  I love my creative little buddy!
 We did the some of them with little bits of ribbon and some of them with got a strip of Washi tape.  We love them both!  Now we have to hide them until Valentine's Day.  

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