Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 I am not Irish…..so what!?!  I wanted to get in a few St. Patrick's Day Crafts in.  St. Patrick’s Day is the door way to spring! Who doesn't  love a reason to craft or celebrate?  My holiday preparations always begin with the front door.  First impressions are very important!  I seldomly purchase a premade wreath.  I don't want something that everyone else has.  If I do purchase a premade wreath I change it up so much you wouldn't recognize it.  Wreaths are a good DIY project that spices up the front porch and sets it apart from all the neighbors.  
 I like to make a front door wreath as big as I can possibly get it and still be able to open the door!  The bigger the better!  This guy went together rather quickly.  I used the biggest grapevine wreath the craft store had.  Layered it with green grass, berries, and other green filler.  When the wreath was nice and full, I began layering in the shamrocks.  I used shiny, glittered, and metal shamrocks of all sizes.  Lets just say I really sham-rocked this wreath up!  I used two different colors of burlap ribbon to tie a big bow on top.  The bow also holds giant glittered shamrocks that hang in the center of the wreath.  I like mixing textures like; burlap and glitter,   shiny and natural, really big with really small.  I think it keeps things interesting!

This St. Patrick's Day wreath will only hang on the front door for a short time, Easter is two week after St. Patrick's Day this year.  It's time on the door may be a short one but, it will be a glorious one!  I think this is a beautiful beginning to a fantastic spring season

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